Dear Parents & Friends,

Two days from today, I will become a senior citizen. After starting my career in teaching in 1979 from a prestigious convent school in Mathura, I moved to Birla Higher Secondary School, Pilani Rajasthan in 1980. My mentor and guru Late Mr. V. K. Varma, the then Principal of Delhi Public School Ranipur, brought me here in 1983. During the past 37 years I have had a plethora of good and bad experiences, especially as the fabric of the society underwent change.

Today, some of my students have reached the highest levels in BHEL Haridwar, many students have settled abroad with plush jobs. Moreover, those who are working in India are well placed in top institutions, some have climbed the corporate ladder and become Vice Presidents in multinational companies. Some are into IAS many are in media and press, films, some are top scientists and working with institutes like Harvard. Almost all top hospitals of India have doctors who studied at DPS Ranipur, some are leading their businesses in big way in Haridwar. I am in touch with most of them and interact with them at least twice a year, apart from social media interfaces such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

I feel humbled, grateful and blessed to experienced love, respect and adulation from all my former students and their parents. But today, the relationship between teachers and students, teachers and parents and students and their parents has taken a 180 degree turn. Earlier, very few students and their parents had very little respect for teachers, but most did and upheld social values. Today, it is the opposite. Only a minority of students and their parents respect teachers and this school. This has resulted in deterioration, disorientation, indiscipline, and intolerance among students.

Many parents request us to help their children and ask teachers to even scold them as they don’t listen to their parents or respect them. How did this happen? Who is at fault?

But, the irony is that if any teacher scolds a student for indiscipline then parents come rushing to me with a complaint against the teachers or the system. There is no way that parents and students are satisfied. The society has seen rampant changes after the liberalization of economy, technical advancement, westernization, media exposure, internet facilities, Facebook, and the mad race for money.

While most have been affected by the above, few parents and students still display a positive attitude towards the school and teachers, a sentiment which was seen 30-40 years back. With society’s so-called advancement, we have not become smarter but more stubborn, intolerant, and power crazy. Most of us do not think of others’ well-being, rather we plan to harass them.

Parents earlier used to come to school to take advice from teachers and the Principal for their ward. Today, they misuse their office and expect teachers and the Principal to go to them. This is just an inflated ego, and nothing else apart from frustration. The result is that the wards of such parents would never be respectful towards school, teachers and in future they would not respect their parents either. Then these parents will find themselves in a situation where they will want the school to help them by counseling, guiding, etc. In some cases, they will even ask teachers to scold and punish their wards, stating that the child has gone out of their control.

I have come across hundreds of such cases during 2015-2016. So this is my humble advice to all parents, especially executive officers, to not misuse their power to harass school authorities. Only then will they earn respect from their own children. The school teachers are very tolerant and accommodating. They have dealt with the misbehaviour of these so-called high ranking officers and executives. After 3-4 years, these officers will get transferred so their wards will also leave this school but this attitude may strain their relationship with their child.

Moreover, some parents want freebies and VIP status from the school by using their powers. I firmly believe and have observed in my 37 years of services that if we seek VIP status from others on the basis of our post and power, then we just get their hatred.

Believe me, true respect is earned by following the norms of society and school. Respect and VIP status can only be earned by displaying a positive and respectful attitude.

On this Teachers' day We the teachers wish you and your ward/s a very happy future ahead.

With warm regards.

DPS Ranipur
BHEL, Haridwar


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