Sports play a pivotal role in the makeup of young athletes. It helps the impressionable youth to learn values like discipline, responsibility, self- confidence, sacrifice and accountability. It is the parents, teachers, sports teams, clubs and the school programs that help to mould, develop and instill these qualities into the lives of students athletes. To continue the excellent tradition of a sound mind in a healthy body, we provide many indoor and outdoor physical activities to our students. Our aim is not to create champions (though many champions surface within our system) but to motivate a healthy enjoyment of physical activity, team spirit and build up stamina levels. To reiterate – not victory, so much as participation, is our motto.

1. Prep Jr. And Prep Sr. (Boys and Girls)


2. Class I and II (Boys and Girls)


3. Class III (Boys and Girls)


Kho - Kho


4. Class IV& V (Boys and Girls)




5. Classes VI to VIII (Boys and Girls)




Table Tennis

6. Classes IX& X (Boys and Girls)


Basketball (Boys & Girls),

Badminton (Boys & Girls)

7. Classes XI & XII (Boys and Girls)


Football (Boys), Cricket (Boys & Girls),

Table Tennis (Girls)

Category A:Zonal and International levels for Classes IV & V

1. The DPS Athletic Meet Boys & Girls-2017

2. The DPS Football Tournament Boys & Girls -2017 (Team should comprise 50-50 and six aside)

3. The DPS Swimming Meet Boys & Girls -2017

Category B: International level for Classes VI –IX

1. The DPS International Athletic Meet Boys & Girls -2017

2. The DPS International Badminton Tournament Boys & Girls -2017

3. The DPS International Chess Championship Boys & Girls-2017

4. The DPS International Shooting Championship Girls -2017

5. The DPS International Skating Meet Boys & Girls-2017

6. The DPS International Swimming Meet Boys -2017

7. The DPS International Swimming Meet Girls -2017

8. The DPS International Table Tennis Tournament Boys & Girls -2017

9. The DPS International Tennis Tournament Boys & Girls-2017

Category C: Events to be held both at Zonal and International levels for all Delhi Public Schools.

1. The DPS Basketball Tournament Boys & Girls -2017 (Open)

2. The DPS Football Tournament Boys -2017 (Open)

The DPS Education, Sports and Culture Fest-2017 “Celebrating the Indian Spirit”. The Mega events will be sponsored by DPS Society, being held at DPS Schools in Delhi & NCR, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and Other International Stadiums in New Delhi for all Delhi Public Schools.

1. The DPS Athletic Meet Boys/Girls -2017 (Open) (Events – Races/Sprints, Jumps, Throws)

2. The DPS Badminton Tournament Boys/Girls-2017 (Open)

3. The DPS Folk Dance-2017 (Open)

4. The DPS Maths Talent Search Exam-2017 (Class V, VIII & X) (one boy and one girl from each class)

5. The DPS Shooting Championship Boys/Girls-2017 (Open)

6. The DPS Squash Championship Boys/Girls-2017 (Open)

7. The DPS Swimming Meet Boys/Girls-2017 (Open)

8. The DPS Table Tennis Tournament Boys/Girls-2017 (Open)

9. The DPS Tennis Tournament Boys/Girls-2017 (Open)


1. Athletics 2. Badminton
3. Basketball 4. Cricket
5. Football 6. Horse Riding
7. Roller Skating 8. Table Tennis
9. Taekwondo 10. Tennis
11. Yoga